promotion of peace projects in iraq

Promotion of Peace Projects in Iraq

Promotion of Peace Projects in Iraq

Salam Alaikum.” This Arab greeting means „Peace be with you,“ and peace is certainly what the people in Iraq are desperately in need of. War and displacement have affected the lives of the Iraqi people for over a generation. Even though the Islamic State has been defeated militarily, daily life for many Iraqis remains precarious and tense. Iraq possesses a very heterogeneous population of Arabs, Kurds, Christians, Muslims, and Yazidis – divided among several political and armed factions. Although the humanitarian distress has gradually abated, many people lack an essential ingredient in their lives – peace; be it an inner sense of well-being or the healing that comes from reconciliation with former antagonists. This is where Tearfund Germany has found a way to help.

“In a country like Iraq, the beauty found in art, theatre and music can be used to heal the wounds of war.”

A participant from our art project
Our work in Iraq was initially focused on humanitarian assistance. That focus has transitioned to strengthening peace initiatives and improving incomes. Together with our local partner, Humanity Organization for Civil Action (HOCA), we bring together people of different ethnic, religious, and political backgrounds to create encounters and dialogue. In workshops on cultural and artistic subjects and in other joint activities, the surroundings encourage the growth of peaceful and sustainable relationships.

Goals of our Peace Projects in Iraq

Promote positive encounters and peaceful dialogues in Sinjar Province

Peace Projects in Iraq - Music Workshops

Increase the incomes of war widows and university graduates without employment opportunities

Peace projects in iraq - peaceful dialogues


Tearfund Germany has been active in Iraq since 2014, implementing peace initiatives together with our on-site local partners. In one type of initiative, we have brought together young people from different backgrounds to cooperate on art projects and neighborhood improvement efforts. Other initiatives have consisted of imitating successful income-boosting programs in Jordan (such as trainings to sew clothing and reusable hygiene pads) and transferring those programs to Iraq neighborhoods.
Sustainable Development promote Tearfund Germany in Iraq

Iraq is a country in Western Asia, bordered by Kuwait to the southeast Turkey to the north, Iran to the east, Saudi Arabia to the south, Jordan to the southwest and Syria to the west. The official languages of Iraq are Arabic and Kurdish and the largest city is Baghdad. The main ethnic groups are Arabs and Kurds.

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