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Help in Syria - A New Beginning in Homs

Help in Syria

Reconstruction in Syria – A New Beginning

More than seven million people have fled the devastating war in Syria and another six million were displaced within the country according to the United Nations Refugee Agency. Those who remained in the country often lost everything and many now live like refugees in their own country. Even though the materials and expertise is present to rebuild, most families are unable to afford the cost after years of war.

Tearfund Germany is working with affected families to rebuild houses that were damaged in the war. We are working together with local partners and churches. Our goal is to help rebuild these houses so that they can become homes once more. Help make this a reality with us!

Tragic Destiny Strikes

YASMEEN – Hope for a home after war and plunder in Homs

Yasmeen starts to cry as she leads us into the kitchen. “Even the faucets have been taken! They left us nothing”, she shares through her tears.

Yasmeen’s apartment is a difficult reminder of the home she once had. For two years the bombs fell on Homs. During the height of the destruction Yasmeen left everything behind and fled with her family. They were able to find a place to stay in a nearby village. During her time away the shockwaves from the bombs blew out her windows and doors. Her remaining belongings were plundered by soldiers as they took everything the bombs had left intact. All that remains now is a picture of destruction.

After the bombing had become less intense Yasmeen and her family moved back into the shell of the home they once knew and have now been living there for the past three years. They may have a roof over their heads, but not much else. The only furnishings are a couple mattresses on the floor that are used as both places to sit and to sleep. During our visit, at the end of September 2018, the cool evening breeze is already blowing through the dark plastic sheets in front of the windows. It is hard to imagine how the family has endured in this place during the bitter winter.

In her distress, Yasmeen turned to a Christian community in Homs for help. This community, along with Tearfund Germany, works with families who have no financial means of making their homes habitable once again. The need is immense and currently there are 60 needy families waiting for their chance to have a home again. This project ensures that those families who receive assistance are the most vulnerable, and whether they are Christians or Muslims does not matter, only that they should finally be able to have a safe place to live.

Before the war began Yasmeen did not know any Christians personally but now she is surrounded by Christians, both locally and in Germany, who want to help her. This has been something that has moved her tremendously during this difficult time.

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Give Yasmeen and Her Family a Home again

In the initial phase of this project, Tearfund Germany will support 60 very needy families. These include families with single parents, families with members who have disabilities, and families with no income. With the active engagement of the local community and local technical experts the reconstruction of housing should be completed within six months. Materials and manpower are locally available. However, many families do not have the financial means to improve their housing situation and therefore live in inadequate and often dangerous housing.

For only EU 4,000 a damaged house can be made habitable & winterized again. This includes, but is not limited to, rebuilding retaining walls and installing new doors and windows.