Peace projects in iraq

Peace projects in Iraq

Peace projects in iraq - many refugees leaved their homes
6 million people had to leave their homes between 2014-2017.
Peace projects in iraq - many people need help and support
Still, 4.1 million people need help.
Peace projects in iraq are good for the dialog
Peace between different ethnic groups is especially important.

Salam Alaikum – this Arabic greeting means “peace be with you” – and peace is also what the people of Iraq need. War and displacement have dominated the lives of the people. Now IS has been defeated militarily. Nevertheless, the situation remains tense. The population is very heterogeneous: Kurds and Arabs; Christians, Muslims, and Yazidis.

In addition, there are various political groups and militias. Although the humanitarian needs are gradually being alleviated, many people are missing something crucial in their lives: Peace, inner and outer healing, reconciliation between people and with themselves.

The focus of our work

Tearfund Germany has been active in Iraq since 2014. Initially, humanitarian care underlined our work. Then our focus was on strengthening peace projects in Iraq and improving the income situation. Currently, our projects are inactive.

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  • Peace projects in iraq - refugees need help
  • Peace projects in iraq - together we are strong
  • Peace projects in iraq - art, music and theatre
Peace projects in iraq - art

“In a country like Iraq, the beauty found in art, in theater and music, can be used to heal the wounds of war.”

A participant from our art project.

Projects in Iraq

Reconciliation project with youth (successfully completed).

Creating encounters between young people through art.
Promote peaceful dialogue.

Peace Project

Together with our partner, HOCA, and the German Foreign Office, we carried out a project for young people. Spaces for encounters were created. Young people, who otherwise avoid each other because of their affiliations, were engaged in creative activities together. Friendships were formed. At the end of the course, the participants planted trees together in their neighborhood.

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