Become a project sponsor for yemen or somaliland

Become a Project Sponsor

Join us and change people’s lives

A project sponsorship helps people in several ways.

It holistically secures the environment in which the people live.

It is supervised and supported by our teams on site.

It is directed to individual people, to whole families, or to a village community depending on the project.
It is unbureaucratic and targeted.

What is a project sponsorship?

With a project sponsorship, you support a project of Tearfund Germany that helps people sustainably improve their living situation. As a sponsor, you support not only an individual. You support the entire environment. Your sponsorship provides water provision, agriculture, hygiene facilities, peaceful coexistence, education, and much more that people need to live in dignity. Development aid that counts!

What does it mean to be a sponsor?

As a sponsor, you ensure long-term aid that enables people to live a life free of poverty and injustice. We make sure that each sponsor is kept up to date on the development of the project. Every six months you will receive an updated Sponsorship Report. Your support is an important piece of the puzzle of a modern and efficient partnership.

Become a project sponsor and help the poorest.

Frequently asked questions

You decide on the amount of your project sponsorship! However, so that we can keep our promises and you can make a real difference, a sponsorship starts at 30 euros per month.

Your money reaches the project! Through your consistent support, you help to secure the financing for your selected project. Tearfund Germany has been awarded the DZI (German Central Institute for Social Issues) seal of approval, which guarantees that donations are handled in a responsible manner. Every year, an independent auditor reviews the finances of Tearfund Germany.

You set up a reoccurring payment or allow us a direct debit authorisation for an amount specified by you. Project sponsorship is possible starting at 30 euros per month. You will receive a tax-deductible donation receipt at the beginning of each year.

As a sponsor, you do not enter into any time commitment. However, to assure secure financing of our projects we are very grateful if you give your long-term support. If you no longer wish to be a sponsor, please let us know about two months in advance.

Twice a year you will receive a progress report from the project. Through these reports, you can follow how the project is developing and how people are experiencing sustainable changes in their living environments. In addition, we are also available for individual enquiries.



According to international law, it is part of Somalia. However, it is an independent, but internationally unrecognized state. More than half of the population lives from nomadic livestock farming. Climate change is causing hardship. Less and less rain falls. When the rain fails, the fields wither. The animals don’t get enough food, and when they die, the people soon die along with them.

The long-term livelihoods of the people in Somaliland can only be secured in harmony with nature. Awareness must be raised, and the necessary knowledge communicated.


Yemen is one of the poorest countries in the Arab world and has been almost completely destroyed by civil war. The situation in Yemen is catastrophic. According to UN reports is currently the world’s largest humanitarian crisis. More than 24 million people urgently need help; over half of them are children.

The focus of our work is water and sanitation, hygiene, as well as health and hunger relief.

Become a sponsor - support families and children

Project sponsors Anette and Norbert Schäfer from Greifenstein

“We are project sponsors because poverty robs people of their dignity. This must not happen. Tearfund receives our support because they provide people in need with respectful support and the experience of Christian love.”


For international donation transfers:

Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
Bank account: 8636600

For national donation transfers:

Bank für Sozialwirtschaft AG, Geschäftsstelle Mainz
Fort-Malakoff-Park/Rheinstr. 4G in 55116 Mainz

IBAN: DE04 5502 0500 0008 6366 00

Reconciliation in action also with DZI
The German Central Institute (DZI) certifies that Tearfund Deutschland e.V. handles the donations entrusted to us in an efficient, transparent, and responsible manner.