About us

Tearfund Germany e.V. is a Christian aid organization for development cooperation and development-oriented emergency aid.

What we do

Our projects primarily focus on health, education, WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene), food security and peacebuilding.

Where we work

We are currently active in seven countries. We also support the programs of our partner Tearfund UK in additional countries.

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Our vision and goals

Poverty, injustice, suffering, and conflict define the everyday lives of many people across the globe. As an organization, we see the amazing potential of every community and individual. We work to find partners to discover creative and sometimes unconventional approaches to find a way out of these challenging situations. We see reconciliation as the main avenue for which positive change will happen and thus our motto of “reconciliation in action” means finding a balance in all of our relationships – with God, ourselves, one another, and with our environment.

About us

We are active in a number of countries of the Middle East where projects are coordinated by our local staff and carried out in partnership with the local communities. These include Yemen, Pakistan, Syria, Jordan, Somalia (Somaliland), Turkey and Iraq.

Tearfund Germany has roughly 90 staff members, seven of whom work in the International Office in Berlin

  • We rely on God

    The foundation of our work is Jesus’ commandment to love one’s neighbor. We believe that all people have a right to food, health and education, and that each individual has intrinsic value.

  • We remain local

    Our focus is on long-term and sustainable development. We choose carefully where we are involved, but then we stay – as long as it takes!

  • We have the experience

    In 1998, the organization was formally registered under the name “Partner Aid International” by a small group of Christian families working as specialists, doctors and engineers with a vision for Yemen.  Since then the organization and our commitment has steadily expanded.

  • We are flexible

    Whether building bridges between followers of various religions in Pakistan, facilitators of literacy courses for Syrian refugee children in Jordan, as mentors for self-help groups in Somaliland or as project coordinators for water and sanitation in Yemen, we seek to find local solutions together with the communities where we work.


What others are saying about us

“At Tearfund Germany, the values of prayer, genuine relationships and lived charity are visible inwardly and outwardly. It touches me again and again that words and deeds fit together here. I thank Tearfund Germany from the bottom of my heart for their dedicated and professional way of working – especially in regions which (from the international community) are otherwise hardly noticed and supported.”

“One of my favorite aspects of Tearfund Germany is that our focus is not to make a big name for ourselves, and it’s not about expanding the organization, but our focus is on the people we serve. I love to work for an organization that focuses on the long-term interests of those we serve. ”

“Tearfund Germany helps exactly where help is needed most – in the heart of the crisis areas and disasters of our global village. Partnership, sustainability, transparency and respect are central values and lived reality of Tearfund Germany and its staff. I am grateful that I have been able to get to know this wonderful work and that I have known many of its staff for many years. From the bottom of my heart, I wish God’s blessing for all their future projects and operations.”

Annual Report

The 2019 Annual Report gives an overview of our organization and our country projects.