Walking for water- Do good by walking

Walking for Water

Your Fundraising Challenge against poverty and injustice

Orbisa has nine children and earns her income solely from her goats. Just like her children, they need clean water every day to survive. The walk to the water source takes so a long time and there are many dangers on the way, especially for a woman. 

I walk up to 10 hours every day to get water from a lake.“ 

Walking for water- Orbisa must walking for 10 hours to get clear water

Climate change has devastating consequences that we already see. For people living in disaster areas in poverty, the effects are existence-threatening. In Africa and other parts of the world, droughts are only getting longer and longer. The rains fail to come. Pastureland dries up. Water basins are empty. Livestock die.

And the people? They must walk. 

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We want to change that! Will you join us? Our “Walking for Water” fundraiser challenges you to do what Orbisa does every day! 

Just choose a hiking route and go to fetch water! Ask your family and friends if they would like to support you and help you fight the water shortage in East Africa. The donations collected will support the work of Tearfund to supply water to entire families and villages. 

Only 3 steps to reach your goal:

  • 1. Sign up

    Sign up and make a personal donation page on our homepage. Upload a photo of yourself and write why the project is close to your heart. Our tip: Do the challenge together with a friend! 

  • 2. Pick a route

    Decide when and how long you want to hike. Be sure to pick a route where you can easily collect water in the middle. Think about how much money you want to raise with your action. How about: 

    7 km / 2 hrs. and 250 € – 350 € 

    12 km / 3 hrs. and 500 € – 600 € 

    24 km / 6 hrs. and 800 € – 1000 € 

    Our tip: Don’t focus too much on the money. The challenge should be fun, and you will likely find that your friends and family will be happy to support you!

    How exactly do I get water…? 
    If you are starting the fundraiser alone, just find a 5-to-10-gallon water can. Keeping the environment in mind, we recommend that you recycle it or simply borrow one used for camping. If you would like to start this action with a church or larger group, feel free to contact Jelena Scharnowski – we have an easy solution for large groups! Exactly where and how you fetch water is entirely up to you and your hiking route! 

  • 3. Share

    Ask your friends and family to support your walking challenge. To do this, share your fundraising page on social media. Remind your friends and followers about it along the way – most donations will come in right before the challenge deadline. Our tip: Get creative to spread the word about your campaign! For example, make a short video of how you’re preparing or how you plan to carry your canister (and don’t forget to tag us!).