we have changed our name

Why did we change our name?

Making a difference as part of a big family…

I am pleased to inform you, as a supporter of our work, about important changes at World Relief Germany. With immediate effect from 24. of October we will continue our work under the new name of Tearfund Germany e.V..

What motivates us to take this step?

For the past 20 years we have been doing emergency relief and development work based on the motivation of our Christian faith. Currently we work in seven countries in the Near and Middle East and East Africa. We have concluded that the best way to improve and expand our work is through partnership. For many years, we have worked with Tearfund organizations from diff erent countries; in our projects as well as in our European network. Therefore, it is a natural step for us to intensify our partnership and work more eff ectively as a member of the worldwide Tearfund family.

What is changing, what remains?

Tearfund will continue with its priority to work in the Muslim-majority world. We will also continue to be associated with World Relief through joint projects. Tearfund remains committed to stand with people who are at the margins of society. We will continue to fi ght poverty, assist refugees, invest in education, and help traumatized people to live their life in dignity. We will continue to work to heal broken relationships: in ourselves, between people,
in the environment and with God as the source of life. With this new partnership we will strengthen our cooperation with churches and enlarge our scope of activities by working in many other countries together with the Tearfund family. Through this step of partnership, we can achieve more together.

Who is Tearfund?

Tearfund is a large network of Christian Charity organizations who do development work, with a focus on the cooperation of churches and religious communities. Independent Tearfund organizations exist in Great Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, USA, and Canada. Germany is the 11th member of the Tearfund family. We work together in over 50 countries of the world.

Continue to change lives of people globally

As a sponsor and supporter of our work, you have helped us in the past to lift people out of poverty, to give refugees a home and to enable people to flourish. We sincerely invite you to accompany us as we continue to walk this path.

Practical questions – Clear answers

  • Our new website is: www.tearfund-germany.org
  • Tearfund Germany remains an independent registered association and as such is an independent organization with the same governance structure as before.
  • Tearfund Germany continues to be awarded the DZI donation seal and remains a voluntary signatory to the Transparency International Initiative.
  • For donors, our donation account data and our charitable status remains the same. Donation certifi cates will be issued under our new name.

Thank you for your trust. Together we can bring light, hope and reconciliation into the lives of many people!