Peace and Harmony in Pakistan

Pakistan – Peace and Harmony between religions

Peace and Harmony in Pakistan - Majority are muslims
96% of Pakistanis are Muslims.
Peace and Harmony in Pakistan - Christs are in minority
Christians, Hindus, and Sikhs are minorities.
Peace between religions is very important.

The population of Pakistan is growing rapidly. Already today, about 207 million people live in Pakistan. 96 % of Pakistanis are Muslims, mostly Sunnis. The remaining 7.5 million people are mainly Christians, Hindus, and Sikhs. Due to these diverse beliefs, reconciliation and peace are very important issues in Pakistan.

In the past, there have been repeated violent clashes and religious extremism. Repeatedly promoting tolerance and acceptance of the different religions creates the basis for people to live together peacefully.

The focus of our work

As Tearfund Germany we have been working in Pakistan for many years. We have kept our focus on sustainable development even in times when disaster relief had to be the main focus of our work, e.g., after the earthquake in 2005 or the great flood in 2010.

Currently, our focus is primarily on reconciliation and empowering marginalized minorities in the country. Through many years of cooperation with local partner organizations and churches, sustainable relationships have been established through which we implement our projects on the ground.

  • Peace and Interfaith Harmony in Pakistan - Women together
  • Peace and Interfaith Harmony in Pakistan - children are our future
  • Peace and Interfaith Harmony in Pakistan - we need dialogs
  • Peace and Interfaith Harmony in Pakistan - We make women strong
Peace and Reconciliation in Pakistan

“I have found a true friend in Chaitan, and I hope that our friendship will inspire many others who are also of different faiths.”

Muhammad (right), a Muslim, met Chaitan, a Hindu, during a five-day Youth Faith Friends camp. They soon realized they had the same hobbies, liked the same foods, and enjoyed sports. They quickly became friends.

Projects in Pakistan

Peace and Harmony in Pakistan - Faith Friends Groups

Building interfaith networks: “Faith Friends Groups”

  • Establishing and monitoring a local network (“Faith Friends Groups”) consisting of representatives of the local Christian, Muslim, Hindu, and Sikh communities
  • Preventing violence, conflict, and discrimination
  • Involving women and young people in the leadership of such groups to implement tolerance, acceptance, and peaceful coexistence in the long term
  • Developing such a network in each province at the neighborhood level in the long-term
  • Holding meetings of a “Faith Friends” committee at the national level which has already been realized
Peace and Harmony in Pakistan - Dentist

Dental care

  • Cooperating with the “Christ Church Community Center” in Rawalpindi to provide this project
  • Providing free or low-cost dental examinations for people in poverty
Peace in Pakistan - Garbage disposal

Innovative Solid Waste Management (SWM) solutions 

  • The social enterprise „Haryali Hub“ was established 
  • Collecting, treating and recycling solid waste in two urban communities in Karachi, Sindh 
  • Promoting health and wellbeing through sustainable SWM solution 

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