Refugees in Jordan need our help

Jordan – Assisting refugees

Refugees in Jordan are very many
661,000 Syrian refugees live in Jordan.
Refugees in Jordan live in poverty
78% of these refugees live below the poverty line.
Women and children are particularly vulnerable.

Between Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel, and the Palestinian autonomous territories lies the small and politically stable Kingdom of Jordan. Over the past 70 years, it has been the destination of many displaced persons. Since 2000, the population has nearly doubled from 5 million to over 10 million.

Since 2011, over 660,000 Syrians and tens of thousands of Iraqis have been registered as refugees in Jordan. The war and exodus have left them with physical and psychological wounds. The Covid-19 crisis has hit the most vulnerable families hard. A severe lockdown at the onset of the crisis meant that many families lost their source of income.

The focus of our work

We work with 12 local partners in Jordan, such as neighborhood centers, schools, and churches. Our projects are mainly aimed at Syrian refugees. However, local Jordanians in need, as well as other refugee groups, also benefit from them. With our projects, we offer families in need new perspectives on life and opportunities to mitigate the negative consequences of the refugee experience.

  • Refugees in Jordan - Boys in Amman
  • Refugees in Jordan - work with children
  • Refugees in Jordan - Literacy write and read
  • Refugees in Jordan - Literacy Course with children
Refugees in Jordan - Clara is learning write and read

“Hooray, I can finally read!”

Clara lives as a refugee child with her family in Jordan. Due to the Corona crisis, her father had to earn a living by collecting garbage. Fortunately, the family received financial support through our Covid-19 Relief project. Clara attends our Kid’s Club where she is learning how to read and write.

Projects in Jordan

Refugees in Jordan - Literacy Courses

Education and Literacy

  • Kid’s Club: providing early childhood education for children of very poor families; psychosocial support for the children and their families; familiarization and networking of family members with our other programs
  • Literacy: using course material we have developed to teach parents and children English and Arabic writing and language; the goal is self-directed, lifelong learning
Refugees in Jordan - Marriage and Family

Family Strengthening

  • Offering 6-week courses on child-rearing, marriage, and marriage preparation with professional guidance that includes men, women, and children alike
  • Including young men, husbands, and fathers in the training programs to achieve lasting change (e.g., by preventing violence in marriage and parenting and improving couples’ communication)
Refugees in Jordan - emergency

Emergency Assistance

  • Refugee families and poor Jordanian families live below subsistence level due to Covid-19 related lockdown and in winter and cannot even buy food and hygiene items
  • Covid-19 Relief: providing cash disbursement due to lack of gainful employment due to total lockdown
  • Winter Relief: making cash disbursements to poor Jordanian families and refugee families to meet basic needs due to higher cost of living and fewer winter employment opportunities
Refugees in Jordan - Help women

Economic Development

  • Providing selected men and women with entrepreneurial spirit and prospects for success with intensive, hands-on training
  • Providing basic knowledge and skills to build a business Start-up
  • Supporting and mentoring the process of building their own Start-ups

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