Corona Support Turkey


Corona Relief for Vulnerable Families in Turkey

Helping the poorest in need!

We need your support in Turkey! There is no country in the world which is not affected by Corona. In Turkey, especially families who do not receive any more income due to the crisis, as well as chronically ill and elderly people suffer from it. The 3.5 million refugees currently living in Turkey, some of whom live in tents and huts built by themselves in fields or on the streets, are also particularly affected.

Together Against Corona!

Help for vulnerable families

Together with you we want to help these needy people in Turkey through the Corona crisis. Tearfund Germany distributes hygiene packages in over 20 cities, with local partners on site. Our goal is to distribute 1,000 hygiene packages per week.

A mobile wash center for hygiene in Turkish crisis areas

In addition, a converted mobile trailer gives the needy people access to sufficient clean water for personal hygiene. This trailer contains showers, washbasins, toilets and washing machines.

We are happy about your help and thank you very much for joining us against Corona!

The German Central Institute (DZI) certifies that Tearfund Deutschland e.V. handles the donations entrusted to us efficiently, transparently and responsibly.

Donations for Turkey

Give people hope again

Help to ensure that the weakest on the margins of society do not perish. Jesus says: “Whatever you have done to one of the least of these, I have done to myself”, Matthew 25:40.