Corona Relief Jordan


Corona Relief for Jordan

Helping the poorest in need!

The Corona crisis has reached Jordan. For the poor, the consequences are immediately existential as they have no safety net. The impact on health and well-being is serious and, as is often the case, women and children are the ones who suffer most.

From our country director, Chris Hefti:

“Right now, we are ready to help people in need where they need support. We are on the spot with our teams, know the people in need and what they directly need: emergency aid, food parcels, hygiene articles. And a smile so they know we are with them.”


Background Story

Refugees from Syria and poor people from Jordan have no fixed income. They make a living doing odd jobs. Every day without work is a day without income, without food, without health care. Many also have no fixed housing and the winter in Jordan is cold. Children are then forced to beg or work instead of attending school. Girls are married under age and domestic violence is increasing.

Corona Reliefs Jordan - People in the Corona Crisis

The German Central Institute (DZI) certifies that Tearfund Germany handles the donations entrusted to us efficiently, transparently and responsibly.


Give hope again to people like Ahmed

Ahmed is a refugee from Syria. When the civil war began, he was able to flee in time to save himself and his family. Now he has lived in Jordan for four years. He earns his money with odd jobs and is able to provide his family with the bare necessities. Ahmed wants to work and be there for his family.

The Corona crisis has hit him hard. Now the shops are closed, there are no jobs, the alleys are deserted, he cannot even beg. The family is starving. Emergency aid is urgently needed.

Tearfund Germany can help quickly and efficiently with food parcels and thus ensures the survival of vulnerable people like Ahmed and his family.

Help to ensure that the weakest on the margins of society do not suffer. Jesus says: “What you have done to one of the least of these, I have done to myself”, Matthew 25:40